6UFO Portable Eurorack Powered Flight Case


6UFO by DNGR:TECH is a 208HP portable flight 6U eurorack modular synth case. Comes with detachable two-position metal stand and integrated MPS-2 motovilo.com power supply solution with the following specs: +12V @ 2A, -12V @ 1A, onboard VGreg provides +5V from +12V bus.
By default, rails are equipped with sliding nuts. Threaded inserts may be installed on demand. Also, the case comes with 4 USB-A sockets which take power from the integrated dedicated power converter rated 2.5 Amps which allows connecting led lamps, charging any mobile devices (including Apple) and powering other gear without any load on the internal modular power supply.

Main features:

  • Full aluminium construction with super-precise aluminium side cheeks done by a CNC milling machine.
  • Power supply boards and busboards are mounted with screws completely hidden.
  • Lightweight construction — empty case with lid and power weighs 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs).
  • 6UFO Case can save a patch while closed.
  • Meets weight and dimension requirements to carry-on luggage on most airlines. Case with modules and lid weighs approximately 6-6.5 kg (13.2-14.3 lbs).
  • Detachable lid.
  • Detachable stand allows two case positions: 120° and 150°.
  • Connect up to 28 eurorack modules.

The max allowable module depth is 60 mm for the overall 48 hp over the place without the power distribution board behind, and 44 mm for the overall 160 hp over the place with the power distribution board behind.

One wall-wart power adapter is required and may be obtained as an option. Any wall wart notebook type power supply with this specification will fit fine: 60W, 15V, center positive 2.1*5.5 mm plug type. We recommend this power brick: GSM60A15-P1J. A pair of standard IEC C13 AC adapter power cord (US type example) with your country's plug type is also required. Support on picking correct power bricks in the customer's origin country will be provided on request if needed.


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Additional Information

Weight3.5 kg
Dimensions54 x 31 x 14 cm